Saturday, September 26th, 2020

City of South Miami Comprehensive Plan  and Land Development Code Update

Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code Update and Revisions

Adopted in 1989 and amended most recently in 2010, the South Miami Comprehensive Plan provides a consensus vision for the City of South Miami that is based on the ideals and goals residents have for the City’s future related to growth management. This Plan provides the overall policy framework to guide decisions over time towards achieving the City’s vision.  The Comprehensive Plan is guided by State statutory regulations and is divided into eight (8) sections: Future Land Use; Transportation; Housing; Infrastructure; Conservation, Recreation and open Space; Intergovernmental Coordination; and Capital Improvement.

The current City of South Miami’s Land Development Code (LDC) was also adopted in 1989 and has been amended several times since.  However, it has never had a comprehensive updating for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and other relevant City and State documents.  There are also more current planning principles that be considered and incorporated into the LDC during the update such as sustainability, form-based codes and green building requirements.

The update to both documents will focus on a major “housecleaning”, mainly targeted at updating, revising, consolidating and better clarification of the language in the Land Development Code as there are multiple conflicting regulations.  Care will be taken to clarify where things are be moved to and how they are being changed and if they are being deleted and why or added and why.   As required by State statutes, the LDC is necessary to implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan to guide future growth while protecting resources, promoting the economy, and guiding investment in community services and infrastructure.